I have too many hobbies

Is that even a thing?

Yes, I believe so. I guess I have too many because I am good at various things but not very good at something in particular.

I’ve always had some trouble finding something that I enjoyed. Well, recently I have found way too many things I enjoyed. So, as I like to learn and do a little bit of everything… here we are.

I am learning calligraphy. Really pleasing and makes me feel good. Also, has the benefit that if I actually get good at it I can save money from not buying birthday cards. I can just make them! What a futuristic mind I have.

Also, fountain pens are awesome. Why did they invent ball pens? Disappointed.

Occasional use of an ukulele. As I really like singing I thought of learning an easy instrument that could follow me along. I am really enjoying playing and hope some day to actually make a song from scratch with it. This may take a while.

Writing. If it isn’t obvious. I don’t only just write here everyday but I also write on my diary and on the dissertation almost everyday so I guess I must really like it.

Drawing. A recent one but that I’ve been spending hours doing. Really liking seeing my progression. Been using my iPad and Apple Pencil. I want to take a Masters in advertising next year and thought I should be practicing right now.

Roller skate. Done in the past but not forgotten. Hope to get back to it someday! One of my ancient dreams is to be good at it and I’ll never forget that!

Reading. Uhmm so, this one I really like but should do more often. Hope to gain the patience to do it more, I used to love it.

I am sure missing some. However, as you may see I get involved into too many things.

Don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing to be honest. I think it’s a bit of a 60/40 situation where the 40 is the bad side as I should be focusing on other things.

You can never have too much knowledge though! Really fun stuff and I’m excited on whatever I decide to do next!

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