How I met your mother VS Friends

I believe that you like more or only the one that you watched first. This is just a theory but please tell me if I’m right in the comments.

I watched Friends first. I remember my mom starting an episode everyday and getting asleep on the couch 10 minutes after. I would just stare and laugh at the TV screen. Love that show.

Much later, How I met your mother came and immediately didn’t want to watch it ‘it’s a rip off, why not just do something different?’. Then, my friends started commenting so well on it that I felt obliged to watch it. This truly explains what a trendy topic can do to you. I went from a disbeliever to a strong believer.

After watching I still prefer Friends just because of it’s ground breaking impact on the sitcom world and because it’s legen- wait for it -dary.

I would say that HIMYM is a modernised version of Friends in a more stereotypical scenario. HIMYM is also incredibly frustrating. You wait for the mother and she never comes, you just stay because the ride is way too funny to just ignore it. Then, she comes and it’s super underwhelming.

Do you also remember when you became super frustrated about the end? Well, I was that weirdo that actually liked it and felt that it was appropriate. It had a deeper meaning to it that made me feel emotional and fuzzy. I approve. I approve all fuzzy-feeling stuff.

With HIMYM you get an ending and with Friends you get a…what now? Both good endings, don’t get me wrong, but I have a preference to the fuzzy moment I lived with Ted.

After Friends, they sort of started to milk the cow because the ending allowed them to do so. The TV series called ‘Joey’ came to light and wasn’t much of a success. I watched it and have to say that it wasn’t that great. I believe that the target audience of just Friends fans is rather narrow although it’s very popular. Joey was the most liked but I guess he wasn’t popular enough.

I wonder if they will milk HIMYM. For some reason I believe that it will happen eventually. Just as it happened with ‘Breaking bad’ years later with the creation of not only ‘Better call Saul’ but also by the soon to be released, ‘Breaking bad’ movie with Walter White and the others. Once again, I don’t truly see the point but let the money shower begin.

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