This blog idea came to me whilst I was working in the fitting rooms today. We can do a lot of thinking in there.

No one really likes to work in the fitting rooms, specially when you are having such a quiet day in the store but it truly makes you build a ‘cork board’ on the things that have happened to you.

I realized that I came to the UK. Very stupid I know. I’ve been here for three years and have only just now really opened my eyes to what I have done.

I’m grateful.

Once I looked at a leather jacket in the distance my mind opened and decided to feel grateful. Maybe the sun had some part on it too.

I came here on a whim. I really didn’t know what I was signing myself up to but I was excited. The adrenaline kept the fear from me and has been throughout these years.

I also feel loved for believing in me and sending me to another country where I can reach my full potential.

It’s an adventure.

Now I’m ready for another one.

As the years go by, this becomes a routine. With exciting steps along the way but also with some predictably. I am looking for a new experience and this one is more dawning then the last one.

I won’t saw much about it because what you don’t know, you can’t hurt. That has become my motto recently. However, I just wanted to show how grateful I am for this achievement and I can’t wait for graduation.

Meanwhile, I am cooking more adventures to come my way and I can’t wait to get it going. I guess the hardest part is to get it started.

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