The green book |View review

As tonight everyone will be around their TVs and computers watching the Oscars, I thought of review The green book that I believe is going to receive a lot of rewards later on.

I didn’t have a great interest in this movie and if it wasn’t my friend I wouldn’t have watched it. It would have been such a shame if I didn’t.

The movie refers back to the ’60s where racism would be fought every day on the streets. The two main characters, not only are from different races and backstories but have completely different personalities.

Their bond is unique but undeniable. I felt so attached to them that every time something bad would happen I would just silently prepare myself for their possible death. It was an amazing movie with a great message.

I also couldn’t help to feel enraged for the racism witnessed. I truly felt the need to stop the movie and take a deep breath.

It has such a vintage look to it too. The cars were a distraction to me of how amazingly cool they were and the filming was so old school. What an amazing cinematography experience with an even bigger story to tell.

Really recommend watching this movie and I hope that it receives a lot of rewards although we all already know that Lady Gaga will get on that stage a lot tonight.

What makes it even better is that small sentence, in the beginning, saying that it is inspired in a true story. Gotta love those movies. Such inspiration.

It didn’t give me enough inspiration to go read the actual book but I really appreciated watching the movie and am grateful for it.

Did you watch it? Do you want to read the book?

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