The joy of writing a dissertation

Been writing my dissertation for a few months now and it’s been an utter rollercoaster.

Enjoy the ride!

We start with the concept and that may be difficult for some but I had one in mind since high school. I wanted to do it around something that mattered. I chose fast fashion and cosmetics and the consumer behaviour around it. I’m fascinated that although people know that a t-shirt is made on a sweatshop, they still buy it with no remorse.

I want to analyze that behaviour deeper and know the reason to why people actually do it when they know it’s bad. Is it because they just see the end product? Do they think ‘ just one more’ won’t make a difference?

The rest came easily and with the help of my supervisor we did the introduction to the project in no time.

Now, it’s different.

I have to write the literature review and methodology (philosophy you follow and methods you used to gather data) and nothing comes up! I’m hours and hours constantly looking at my blank page.

However, I pages and pages of brainstorming. I guess my problem is on forming phrases? I know what I have to write and I have the planning. Why can’t I write them?

I have so many questions to what is happening to me. Maybe if I understand it I can actually get through this. Hopefully I’ll get through it soon enough because the deadline is coming and the pages of writing need to start going into their full digital form.

Really excited for my focus group though. I am really looking forward to have a look at my data and contrast it with theory I come across.

This may not seem very exciting to you but I am very passionate about this topic. I only hope that this passion is enough to get me through this block.

Do you have any tips that might help me?

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