Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | View review

The first ever interactive film from Netflix – and maybe even last.

Netflix was sued due to a copyright strike on the concept ‘choose your own adventure’ as it had already been used in a previous show. This didn’t stop them from having it on the platform but may be a strong reason to not make a new one.

All Black Mirror fans already knew what they were signing up to but I dived in with a blindfold.

I had watched two Back Mirror episodes but didn’t really think anything of them but the interactive aspect of this film made it really exciting for me.

I started wondering if it would be the same as many videogames now – such as The Walking Dead and The Last of Us – and it was.

The way it works is that you have to choose between options given on screen. These options take you into different paths as you choose the story.

I found the story to be very confusing – but so are all Black Mirror episodes. The idea of choosing the faith of this young game creator may seem exciting but the story takes too many turns making it a mediocre concept. I believe they got too fascinated with the interactive idea and didn’t really pay as much attention to the story.

I never knew if it had ended.

I felt very desperate to end. Every time I would ‘die’ or everything would go crazy I would see that as a ‘game over’ when in reality it was one of the endings. So I ‘played’ with the movie for 3 hours trying to figure out where I went wrong – I even re-started it because I was so confused.

No ending makes sense. They are all just weird. I like weird but not like this. I felt as if I didn’t have a closure or even watched till the end.

So much potential. However, I didn’t really appreciated it. It was not an enjoyable experience for me. I waited for my friend to be in the UK with me so we would have this experience together and in the end it was…okay.

Really hope this doesn’t put Netflix off of doing more of these though. I had a huge pay out and I believe they are probably already working on a new one. We will see – however, I don’t know if I will.

What did you think about it? All opinions are valid!

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