The nightmare of saying ‘yes’ to everything

Been dealing with this for quite a while as it was even on my ‘New year’s resolutions list’.

I say ‘yes’ to too many things and then I regret it most of the times. I have to learn that my time is valuable and that I should prioritise what I want to do based on what I want to achieve.

I came to uni with an open mind and knew that I wanted to get in every society that rang some excitement in me. Later I came to realise that you can’t be in two places at the same time (shocking, I know) and that I had to prioritise even because I had uni and that was more important.

A lot of students also go through the problem of prioritising their part-time jobs rather than university work. This will depend on each person, obviously I do recognise that we need the money to survive but for me, uni is always my choice.

During the stress of my second year I was financially independent for a few months because I would take extra hours. I was thrilled to be independent as I hate to ask my parents for money – although they are so supportive I don’t want to use and abuse of that confidence. I also was very down, my mental health was at its lowest and I was not the fun, smiley person I usually am.

I realised that sometimes it just isn’t worth it. Especially when it puts a lot through your mental health. However, these things sometimes can also bring their benefits later. Now you know you never want to do that again. Now you have that opportunity because you took your time to go there. You feel like you have achieved something you are proud of even if it was stressful.

There’s so much I still have to learn about this. I still say ‘yes’ to everything but at least, on the positive side I am aware that I shouldn’t do that.

One day I’ll put the foot down and feel proud I did. I hope not to feel any regret along the way but I would say that is just water off a duck’s back.

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