Lídia VS Nicole

I came to the UK in September of 2016 looking for a passion. My worry in going to university was always more about the area of study I was going to take.

I decided to go for PR, after I discarded onto my adviser what I wanted to do in life. ‘I want to do something creative, I like to write, oh but I like film too and I’m interested in translation’ what a mess. Truly don’t know how she made a sense of that but I’m doing all of that!

Once I landed, I realized that my biggest challenge wouldn’t be uni but the way of living. I had problems with my house, slept in hotels the first week (which my dad still reminds me of as he spent so much money just for a few nights) and wasn’t eating properly.

My trousers started to become really loose. I was fed by the adrenaline of being in the UK rather than proper meals. I was happy but in a poor shape.

Once I got in the house (finally) all the three – and later, four – were really a family and I even forgot I was in the UK to study rather then be home with them. We were very supportive of each other and such and I was really happy of my decision to come here, grow and meet awesome people.

Later, I came to learn how important respect is and how much a house depends on it to be happy.

This is only one part of it but I also because much better at communicating and more out-going and super independent. I never realized how independent I can be before coming here and it was amazing.

It is also fascinating how I go back to my old self once I go to Portugal. I guess some things never change.

My first name is Lídia. I decided to attribute that name to my old self that is still in Portugal and move along to a Nicole that is always learning and loving it. There’s such a big difference between them – maybe this is weird and I apologize – but they are still connected somehow.

Lídia would have never come to the UK, she would be too scared. She loves her family dearly and would cry every night for missing her parents and country.

Nicole is confident in her skills and believes that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to do. Even if that means that she has to fly away from her family and friends that she loves.

Bottom line is that problems are always going to exist, difference is that now you know how to deal with them – and it’s best if Nicole handles them.

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