Work & uni: personality difference

I think I’m not the only one to experience this, especially if you work in retail.

Smiling is part of my job but I can be rather shy. I have been on the same company for a year now and I can’t truly say that anyone at work truly knows me.

I’ve been used to that, specially if working within a big team. I can come across as someone that is quiet and kept to myself.

Truth is, I do my job the best I can but I don’t dedicate myself enough to get a promotion. I know I am capable of achieving more but my focus is university and that’s where I talk.

I like to participate, ask and answer questions. I like to take part in networking events and know people from my communications. I have developed quite a few contacts throughout these years and I believe to be a strong communicator.

I plan events, write blogs, go to meetings and was even a manager at one of my internships with my own team.

So weird to put these side by side knowing it comes from the same person.

I believe that I am this way because when I’m working on uni stuff I’m motivated and enjoy what I’m doing. In retail, although I like my team, it’s more to pay rent and gain customer service experience. I do enjoy it, but I’m not an expert.

Do see yourself in my story? I’m really interested to know if there are more like me out there. Leave your answer in the comments!

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