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Yesterday, I decided to watch this classic with my friend.

Last year, I watched ‘Papillon’. It got me thinking so much – even because it is based on a true story – that I even started reading the book. I was hoping this classic to be like this movie although, I was also scared that it would have gotten me thinking as much as ‘Papillon’ did.

‘Papillon’ 2018 version

What I first questioned myself was why I hadn’t watched it before. I love watching prison-related series, documentaries and movies and even reading about it. How haven’t I seen this before?

That’s a very good question. I guess I never thought it would be about that.

Shawshank, to the people who haven’t yet seen this masterpiece, is a movie about this very quiet and clever man that goes to prison innocently. Accused of killing his wife and the man she was betraying him for he spends time in prison for something he didn’t commit.

“Red” (Morgan Freeman) starts having an interest in him and his skills making him a member of ‘his club’. I would call their group the ‘modest men group’, the ones that committed a crime but feel genuinely sorry for it.

This film is three hours long and I’m so glad it is. I believe that it could have stopped sooner, but then, it wouldn’t have been the masterpiece that it is. It is such a compelling, motivating and exciting story.

The man that didn’t see prison for its walls but for its opportunity, even when convicted without proof. I story of trust and care for people where those sentiments were thought not to be possible.

A man, following the bible and being corrupt ‘in the name of the lord’. Brooks, the elderly that was released and couldn’t adapt to society.

Such strong characters. Each one with an interesting and rich background that makes us put them in our family tree.

The ending is magical. Something that most would hope that it isn’t just a ‘make believe’.

Something also magical is the fact that no one has decided to make a series after this movie and just accepted it to be perfect and not to be ruined.

Definitely, need to start watching more classics. Have any recommendations?

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