Post about valentines?

As I was writing about Valentine’s day, I realised how much I didn’t want to write about it. For me, it’s a celebration of love and it’s a rather important day but I also don’t dwell too much on it.

I’m here, sat, writing for you at two am. Haven’t eaten, maybe I should.

Anyways, today I think it would be appropriate to talk about how we should care. I know, that was vague. Sorry.

Valentine’s makes you want to give that special someone a plushie or some roses or a few chocolates. Why don’t we do that on other days?

I like to remind the people I love how much they mean to me more than once or twice a year. Roses are great but so is company and caring and being there.

I am a random person – reason to why this blog is called this way – I like being spontaneous and I like to tell people that I like their company when they least expect it. Doesn’t it make it even more special?

I believe this day to make more unhappy couples than happy ones. It spreads love in a poisoned way. You should love on this day because it was made for it. Every day is made for it.

It’s truly just a day to feel loved and love.

Spread it.

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