Kiwi’s first birthday!

Kiwi is my hamster and he is one year old today. This is a blog post dedicated to him.

I got him in April 2018 (he was already two months old). I remember that he was the most curious of the bunch. I remember him coming to me as if he had chosen me. I like to think that we chose each other.

Second year of university was very stressful. There was a breakdown at every corner and I was pouring constantly. I felt very lonely and unhappy. I needed a little fur ball by my side.

I had gotten fishes and a shrimp but I needed something that I could pet, love and spoil. Kiwi was the chosen one.

Many people were in disbelief about me getting an hamster but I think it was a great decision. Kiwi got a loving family and I got the best pet ever.

He helps my stress levels and I give him care and love. It’s an happy relationship.

However, on New Year’s Eve I found myself in tears when thinking about his short life spam. It’s not fair how such a loving creature can only live for two years and I just hope he has the best life he could ever have.

Still today, I find myself happy for his birthday celebration but unhappy because I worry that I can’t give him the life he deserves.

I want to make a blog post on taking care of hamsters as I think that many people are still unaware of the dangers but I hope you appreciating this ode to my hamster and stay tuned for the next one.

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