There’s always time to change

I did not intend my blog to become a self-help book but I do enjoy writing about what I learn over time.

Today I wanted to address conformation. I really dislike that word. I believe you should conform and move forward but not in the sense of staying put and find yourself stable in your situation. I mean, if you find yourself happy with your life and feel motivated to wake up in the morning, that’s an amazing feeling and I truly hope I can feel that way too one day. However, if you find yourself unhappy but are unwilling to change because ‘there’s no point’ then, I don’t get that.

I am not in your situation. I don’t understand what you are going through (but maybe I do and have been in the same situation). Either way, conforming shouldn’t be allowed when you are down.

in my personal experience it makes me even more demotivated. You must continue to seek happiness.

I used to be in a very negative mindset. I was always telling myself that I was not enough and that what is wrong there is no point in changing. I knew I was wrong.

I decided to make that my priority – working on being more positive – and that truly changed my way of acting and being. I truly believe that if I had continued to be a negativist I wouldn’t be standing where I am today – writing to you from a classroom between super creative intellectuals that teach me everyday something new.

I wouldn’t be trying to improve myself everyday or even trying to get the career I want because the odds of getting a job in Portugal are slim. We have a choice. I have my bad days, we all do, but we can choose to be happy.

There’s always time to be happy.

I see family members telling me that they can’t do this because they have already gone through a different path. You can always go another way. You control your life, you make your choices. There’s always a way. You are more, show them.

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