Give yourself a self-talk

Sometimes we are just lost and don’t know what we want to follow or what next step to take.

I believe that we don’t talk with ourselves enough.

I am not saying that you have to be talking all by yourself in your bedroom to truly understand yourself but even if, talking to yourself internally, it makes a big difference.

We sometimes forget we can talk to ourselves. We are constantly talking to others and trying to understand them. It’s now time for you to tell yourself what you want to understand you.

I learnt how important it is to know when to pause and restart. Probably one of the things that most helped me with writing here everyday and making this my routine. It’s about respecting yourself, once you do, you naturally start knowing what you want.

Simply because you can more easily understand what you enjoyed doing and what you didn’t. That way, you can do what you like and feel more happy.

Sorry for the psychology lesson today but I thought it was important to share these thoughts.

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