Why I love learning

There’s no particular skill I would that is useless. Even my dad messing around with an antique car sparked my interest – I’ve always said I wanted to learn but he never taught me.

I guess that part comes from my dad. One day he asked me “Can you point out some thing that I cannot do?” – he has always been quite proud of his knowledge. Truth is, yes there is a criptonite to my dad, folding laundry. He has tried and tried and literally can’t get around it but that’s literally it.

He cooks, he makes molds that require a very hard-to-understand software, he has a fascination for antique cars and buys them and makes them new, he probably even is a great dancer and I don’t know, he talks french and Portuguese fluently – and writes english and Spanish rather fluent-ish.

I want to be like that.

I dance okay, I try to draw, I cook, I also have am pretty good at problem-solving, I know technology pretty well, I speak English and Portuguese fluently and understand Spanish and French. I am still too young to be skilled in a lot of things but that is my aim.

My first drawing with procreate, far from perfection but I’m really proud.

Maybe that is why I say ‘yes’ to every university opportunity and am always running around like a crazy person. My dad has always taught me to be patient and learn, never be too proud to turn down knowledge – and why would you?

Knowledge is power and it also saves a lot of money. All advantages!

Yesterday I bought an Apple Pencil, now I am learning how to sketch and draw for my Masters degree. Last year I bought a calligraphy set for my birthday to learn lettering. Next on my list is learning more about the Adobe softwares and more languages!

I don’t go to the gym but at least my brain is always exercising.

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