My inspiration

This can seem quite cliché but I do believe that everyone has their role model and as they have such an impact in our lives, I wanted to talk about mine.

If I wanted to talk about my ‘personal life’ role models than that would be my parents without a glimpse of doubt as they have created me and supported me and gave me the education I still follow today. However, today’s blog post is not of that kind.

Do you have inspiration?

We get it from everywhere, an actor that plays in your favourite movie, the girl next to you that is writing on a pretty agenda or just that street singer that you wish you had the strength to join – this is happening to me constantly.

I have several people that inspire me every day, on clothing, behaviour, personality…

However, my biggest inspiration is Marzia Bisognin. You don’t have to know her and maybe you don’t. That’s okay. She is a ‘former’ Youtuber that also has her blog here, designs clothing, took the course of interior designer and even makes pottery.

One of Marzia’s brands.

How cool is that?!

I’ve always been quite fond of her style and I could relate to her in a lot of ways whenever she shared her feelings on Youtube although I started being even more inspired when she quit Youtube.

At that time, I was battling the same. She has a huge platform and loads of people are inspired by her, I’m just a small Youtuber that just started writing on her blog every day. There is obviously no comparison in that respect but I used to put Youtube on a pedestal as it was so important to me.

Imagine my face when I saw these overalls – from Tsuki Market – a shared brand she has with Felix (a.k.a. Pewdiepie)

She was the first influencer that ‘made me’ buy a product. Back in 2012, Marzia had a ‘sponsorship’ with Doc Martens. Beautiful blue pattern with roses, so unique and gorgeous. I had to get them! Till this day I still wear them with all of my pastel coloured wardbrobe. She also had an iPhone 4 with a Rilakkuma case. This was a harder one to get but I really needed a phone and that was definitely my chosen one – it was also my first iPhone.

Even my tattoos. My eyeliner. This blog. Crazy if we think about it – I’m only realizing this now.

Marzia Bisognin Computer Wallpaper.jpg

Not regretting any of it.

I really appreciate how self-motivated and passionate she is and I strive to have the same for my career.

I also happened to move to a city close to Brighton from Portugal. And of course, I am always on the lookout to see a pink haired girl every time I go to Brighton! Although, I wouldn’t actually ever say anything to her because I wouldn’t want to be anything else to her but her friend as I think we would have a lot of interesting stories to share with each other.

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