Such a big word that I use so often. Can you truly be more than passionate about something? I think that if you are passionate and have passion then you have everything. That’s what I believe to be the recipe to happiness and it’s what I’m striving to find.

I have found it a couple of times. I have also ditched it a couple of times too.

I was passionate about rollerskating but I found that I couldn’t continue. However, the truth is, I am sure that one day I’ll come back to that passion. I feel as if it’s not the end of that chapter. I guess we will see.

I am passionate about creativity. That word as always spoke so much to me but it’s such a big one. I’m not good at painting, drawing, sketching…am I even creative?

That’s what I thought throughout all of my teen years. In middle school, they teach us how to paint and draw or how to make wood furniture. I had no contact with software or digital tools.

However, with the creation of Facebook in 2009 I kind of created my own art, my own creativity. It was later that I realized that this was my first contact with graphic designing. I was obsessed with Disney Channel at the time. So much so that I was a rather annoying Hannah Montana of a teen but that’s a conversation for another time.

We all have to start somewhere.

I started seeing that a lot of people were creating fan pages of their favourite YouTubers and TV shows and that really sounded like a lot of fun so, I created one.

My first one was a Portuguese fan club of the TV show ‘Shake it up’. This might seem quite innocent but this page became quite successful over time. I had a lot of fans with me and engaging with the content I would put out. I even had several competitions on every day where they could win prizes such as personalized posters, calendars and so on.

To make the prizes I went on Youtube and watched a ton of videos explaining software and what ones to use and to stay away from. I was about 12 so I went with Photoscape, an easy, free tool that I still have on my computer to this day as I love to use it.

I also made a page on Pewdiepie that has over 2000 likes! This page literally grew from one day to the other. It was crazy that I had so many people liking what I did and it is also crazy that at the time I had no idea that I would consider following this as my career.

Banner for the page, the barcode was the logotype I came up with. Quite cool for a 12-year-old.

I was passionate about it and I didn’t even know.

Years after, here I am taking a degree in PR and considering a Masters in creative advertising. Life is crazy.

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