Following your dreams sounds cliché

Today I remembered what I wanted to do in the past and put it back in the plan.

I’m always changing my plans, I either want to be a translator or a PR professional or maybe even a vet. Every year I think of something different and that’s okay because you’ll never know if you will like it until you try it.

A snippet of my work for Full of good, a pressed-fruit juice company. 

On my first year of uni, I wanted to work with the media and platforms where I could create my own content. Then, after a few lessons on Adobe software, I became obsessed with becoming a graphic designer. This one really spoke to me.

I could see myself in a building filled with roller coasters, trees, free food, a huge space for my imagination to flow and then, I went for it. I started talking with professionals in the area of PR and content creation and their life experience told me to stay away from it.

Literally every professional I would approach didn’t seem interested that I knew design and had a passion for it. That really demotivated me as if someone shot my dream of the ideal workplace and happiness I could achieve from it. I held onto it for a rainy day but I was on the hunt for something else.

My newsletter approach for CooperVision and their ‘Expressions’ range.

I came across content creation and thought ‘ok, so it’s basically graphic design but with words and video within a campaign, that doesn’t seem bad’. I tried to feel passionate about it. I was happy but I knew I needed something more.

Today I had a class with a lecturer that was a graphic designer. She said that she was passionate about it but it is extremely competitive and you have to truly stand out and make a difference to actually make it in the business.

Sem Título
A microsite for Costa where I created a poster and a minigame.

This might seem like a red alert to most but for me, it was really captivating. Here is the difference from what she said and the others said.

Others didn’t trust me. They didn’t know me and neither did she but her smile presented me as if I could do it. Other professionals showed a completely different expression – saggy eyes, disbelief and a look of ‘good luck kid’. She also agreed with them on the competitive point of view but she said that if I have the passion then it can break all barriers and that it is hard but it’s obtainable. That narrative shows support, encouragement and a feeling of an end goal.

When you tell someone off of their passions what may seem like just a casual chit chat to you, for the person it could have a totally different interpretation – it can defy their future even.

What was once a dream thrown in the river is now a catch.

I am excited about my future and I’ll figure it out. I’ll make it work. I have enough passion for that. Go with your but people, don’t be influenced by paychecks and life of passionless work.

Also, please note that my knowledge is still very superficial in software use. Practice makes perfect!


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