It has been snowing!

I’m Portuguese that lives in the UK and I’ll forever be amazed at snow.

Although I am completely frozen and can barely even type this, I still show my appreciation.

I live in the South and so I don’t actually experience it in full but even with just a little bit we can let our imagination go wild.

I had a snow fight, I built a snow man, I complained about how cold it was, literally the full experience.

My snowman was perfect even without the carrot.

English people hate snow. Even talking about it will give you frowns. As I work in retail I take advantage of the snow to create some conversation. If I was to do a survey I would say 80% hate the snow. The rest like it as they have fun with their family but are also excited for it to be gone.

In Portugal we only have a tiny mountain with snow called ‘Serra da estrela’. Although we call that snow, it is completely different from what I have witnessed here. It’s more plastic-y if you will.

I urge everyone to experience ‘real’ snow and have a snow fight. No need for sleights or skying. Just pure free fun.

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