The Ted Bundy tapes | View review

These last few weeks I have been watching the documentary series, The Ted Bundy tapes.

I have a fascination for what makes a human kill. I have read several books on WWII survivors and history books (even though I’m not a big fan of history and I even failed in school). Prison stories are also my favourites and I even presented several case studies in ethics class.

An overall fascination for these subjects that lead me to watch and hear Ted Bundy and his story. Netflix makes amazing documentaries, this was not an exception.

In the beginning of the first episode I started wondering if there was a purpose for the documentary to have a series form but I cleary didn’t know the extent of the story.

When you think it couldn’t get worse it always can. I thought it would be a straightforward story of a guy that killed young girls and went to jail – it’s so much more than that.

What I most was surprised with was with the lack of resources the police had at the time. Bundy killed girls from different states and due to miscommunication between themselves, they were all looking for a different killer.

I think that we couldn’t have a Bundy in our times because of this.

Ted was a graduate in law and philosophy, he analysed his behaviour and even represented himself in court later. This was a high functioning serial killer. He knew what to say and when to say it. This made him even more dangerous as he was aware of his doings and what to do next.

His looks were also in his favour as he was considered to be an handsome man, which brought a lot of young females to court (even with what he was accused of).

I believe that everyone should watch this documentary. I learnt a lot about phycology and the ‘inside’ of a serial killer mind. It makes me more aware and feel more protected in a weird sense.

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