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My favourite activity is to go to the cinema. Watching a movie, discussing it afterwards is truly something I enjoy.

As my Portuguese friend was visiting we wanted to go to the cinema like we usually go in Portugal. However, upon the list of screenings we weren’t fond of any movies.

We really wanted to go. We started watching trailers and trailers but nothing brought a passion. I wanted to watch ‘the upside’ as one of my favourite comedy movies was the french version ‘Untouchable’. Rita said it was not a movie worth of the cinema so we went to the second option – ‘the favourite’.

Reviews said this movie to be exceptional and IMDB agreed on that. We relied on these for our decision.

I was mostly excited about the experience. The movie didn’t really speak to me but I was willing to give it a try and maybe I would enjoy it.

That was not the case.

In England, we have a queen, a trustee and a a maid. A troubled queen in charge in times of war, a trustee that was later revealed to be more than that and a sociopath of a maid that climbs her way to power.

This movie I believe to be subjective of the interpretation of each individual. You can’t simply watch it to enjoy it, you have to think upon it. The more I thought of what I had just seen, the more I learnt. That does not change the fact that the movie is a mess.

They say that you can tell from the first 10 minutes if you will like the movie or not and so it was. From the first 10 minutes I knew this was going to be a long, messy movie. I had no motivation to watch it but I was still willing to give it a chance.

The story line was comprehensible yet crazy. The costumes – in which they spent millions in – were repetitive. All with the same patterns and colours. Maybe even too modern. The only aspect that wasn’t mediocre was the music but even this one was annoying at a point where what I believe to have been violin cords (always the same ones) were being played every second – maybe to add some tension?

The movie is presented in chapters with its characteristic font. Even the font was truly hard to read. I am one to skim through the credits as they are the artists and deserve my recognition. In this case, it was impossible to read anything. A ‘justified’ kind of font that did not make sense. I appreciate graphic design and uniqueness but this was not it.

Usually when I review a movie it is straight forward, did I enjoy it, did I not, why not and so on. This time, I can’t work it out.

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