I went to London (again)

I live a few hours away from London but I’ve only been there three times.

It’s not my favourite city but it’s also very nice to visit from time to time. I’ve considered living there after university because of the opportunities available but I don’t feel an attachment to the city in that way.

Anyways, as a tourist I have touristy things to show. Maybe you can even learn from this!

Sky Garden

This was our first stop. We took the underground to monument station and started walking towards this monster building. It was cold but sunny and we were really excited to go see the view from up there.

However, our dreams were crushed when we got there and were told that it required a 2-week in advance booking.

The intentions were good but remember to research deep into every attraction so that you don’t spend money in unnecessary underground rides! – although this was a nice mistake to visit the London Bridge.

London Bridge

A classic for tourists that I had never visited. Really not much to see but the building is very detailed and pleasing to the eyes.

As a colour enthusiast, it inspired me as I’m redecorating my bedroom. Who knew the London Bridge could inspire my house deco.

Camden Town

Streets like no other with amazing food. Travelling with a vegan friend can be challenging as the options available are limited but not at Camden Town!

I went for a ‘dirty’ burger at the ‘dirty vegan’ street restaurant. The fake meat was too ‘smokey’ for my taste and the fries were too ‘bacon-y’ but I can agree that it was amazing. My friend ate a mac and cheese – or as they say ‘cheeze’ – and she swears by it. It looked really good.

Still prefer cafe Thrive’s menu but I’m always keen on trying new things.

The shops were also very peculiar. I bought a ‘2D’ bag and I got to say that this bag is everything I would want in a bag. Although the quality of the fabric is pretty bad.

There are shops for everyone and branded materials for all wallets. A huge street fair with no end.

Science Museum

Right after the underground station you can find multiple museums, free museums.

We chose to go to the Science museum as we didn’t have much time and it sounded to be the most interesting (you also have the history museum to see). We arrived at 17 when it would close at 18. Not a wise decision but the damage was done and we needed to see the most we could in that time.

This museum has cars, machines, spaceships and human skeletons. A wide variety worthy of a visit.

I also have a big love for gift shops so I took the 3 for 2 deal of pins as they were pretty cute.

Piccadilly Circus

Best seen at night. Usually marks the end of every London journey I take as I have dinner at McDonalds. Big screens, big musicals, big shops.

A must in every London adventure. Also, every tourist must see the Lego shop and the M&M world.

I had been to both before but wanted to have a quick check on the M&M shop.

Crazy how these chocolates became this big.

China town

Went two years ago in detail but decided not to make that detour this time. It’s nice to walk in but doesn’t really speak to me. Mostly restaurants, wish there were more shops.

Hope this helped you. Please comment if you are planning on going to London and need some tips! This was just this trip, I’ve been to other places that you might be interested in.

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