Why you should go outside

Two days ago my friend and I decided to go outside and explore the big park around here.

I had never gone there by foot but I still knew it wasn’t that far. Turns out the park was not big but huge and not far but really far away.

I still don’t regret it.

I’ve been underestimating nature for a while now. I always say that I just don’t have time or just don’t get enough motivation to go on a walk because I don’t want to go alone.

Nature is beautiful.

The rain didn’t help that day but seeing the animals and the leafs on the ground… there’s something so wonderful on the simplicity.

Also, we saw ducks flying. What a moment.

On these days, daylight goes away at 5 p.m. which makes me depressed. Going to the park and properly enjoying my surroundings really helped.

I’m far from being a runner at the park at 5 a.m. but I learnt that sometimes you can benefit so much from going to the left (park) instead of going to right (city center).

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