Why I am considering being vegan

This is not a regular Veganuary story as I didn’t even take the challenge. I believe that those changes need time and as I respect my body, if I want to become vegan I need to take it slowly.

I have been a veggie for three years and have no regrets in being it. I used to be a meat affectionate but my love for animals made me switch. I usually say ‘I’m veggie because I love animals more than meat’ and that’s literally the essence of my decision.

My vegan friend from Portugal is staying with me for a few days and every time she is here I really become convinced I can become vegan. Specially when we go to cafe Thrive. Love that restaurant to pieces.

Cafe Thrive is 100% vegan meaning that every item on the menu was to my grasp. Today I ate a ‘meaty’ burger with sweet potato fries and donut and it was delicious. Better than any other restaurant. Guilt-free.

Crispy sweet potato fries, wonderful hamburger sauce, great pumpkin seeds on my side salad, an overall an ‘I want to be vegan’ experience.

An half-eaten donut (I forgot to take a photo as I was too excited to eat it)

Unfortunately, I know that I can’t eat there everyday and so, I remain veggie.

I won’t put ‘be vegan’ on the 2019 list as I believe I need more motivation to do so but it’s definitely on my ‘life list’.

Until then, camembert here I come.

Also, this was in no way shape or form brought to you by cafe thrive, I’m just a loyal customer. However, if you want to sponsor me I take your payment in meal form.

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