I lied about the gym, but I’m not the only one

We are always coming up with new excuses when it comes to the gym and maybe that’s one of the reasons why it feels so good to finally go.

Last year I wrote ‘when with 75kg to the gym you go’. That post talked about how I’ve always said that if I surpassed 75kg that I would have to go to the gym with no fail. I wrote that and shared it so that there would be a higher probability of me going, but that didn’t seem to help.

In the summer I felt very guilty for not following through to what I had been saying to my friends and family about going and decided to sign up. I really liked going the first few times – although, I almost fainted because my body thought I was being too harsh.

I even signed up to the gym in Portugal while I was on holidays and it was great!

It had only been two months and I already felt a huge difference mentally and physically – turns out happy hormones are really cool.

However, when September came it was time to go back to uni. This was when I decided that I couldn’t keep going to the gym because it was too far and I didn’t have the time.

Truth is, I lost motivation. When I came back to England I also started to come up with excuses again. Uni is stressful and I would really benefit from going to the gym but I fear I’ll try to do too many things at once and that will hurt my grades.

I didn’t put ‘gym’ on my resolutions this year because I feel that this is not the year for me to be worried about that (is this just another excuse?). I have made peace with it but I also feel that I’m truly missing out.

As you can see, this is a very confusing topic for me. I want to go but I also feel that I can’t. Maybe I just have to accept that I should just focus on my grades and graduating and nothing else.

4 thoughts on “I lied about the gym, but I’m not the only one

  1. You don’t have to go to the gym to workout. I use a Fitbit and I swear it’s one of my favorite pieces of technology (even more than my cell phone) You can YouTube at home videos, go on hikes or walks….there are ways to defeat your weight without a gym. You’ve got this!!! 🏆🖤

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    1. Hey! I used to do yoga and I still sometimes do. I also walk a lot and that usually keeps me on track. However, I liked the gym because I felt a nice rush after it and because you work in specific muscles that you wouldn’t otherwise. I still do a bit at home but I think going to a specific workout place would be better for me I guess.
      Yasss! We’ve got this! (But maybe next year I’ll go 😂)

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      1. Hahaha I know for me diet was killing me. I was not eating appropriately for someone who actually wanted to lose weight. It was like I was barely losing anything or working out just to maintain the weight I already had a problem with.

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      2. I became veggie and it really helped me with that! I still need to control my quantities but it truly makes a difference.
        Going to the gym was also an excuse for me to eat more (even because that time I almost fainted really scared me) so I was just working on the muscles but the weight was the same 😂 I feel ya!
        What type of diet were you doing?


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