How my ‘rest face’ gets in the way of my future

I have a clearly self-diagnosed case of ‘bitch rest face’ (actual term) that really gets on the way of my possible future opportunities.

Allow me to expand on that.

People often say that the way you look and your presence in the room often give all the impression a professional needs from you to take the job.

Well, if that is true then I’ll be unemployed and alone forever.

Let’s analyse this picture.

The frame was amazing, that over the shoulder look of a professional I was talking to was great. It had everything to be a great shot and yet, here we are. My bitch rest face syndrome showing through, when I was solely thinking about how interesting everything he was saying was.

People often look at me and say “you have a beautiful face, you just have to smile” (random guy on the bus to London) or even smile at me so that I smile back.

Or, even worse, ask if I’m okay and I answer ‘yes, I’m fine’ and they reply “are you sure, you don’t look okay”. This is my face, I can’t apologise for it and I could adjust it but it’s too expensive for a student to afford that and honestly I’m happy with it – except for this ‘face relaxation’ problem.

When going to a networking event I often have to remind myself to smile. I really don’t like that I have to force it but I want to be able to show that I’m approachable and that I am actually very interested in what you have to say.

Please say hi to me in a social event, I promise to be nice. Because what can look like that (picture above) can also look like this (picture bellow). A smiley friendly person with good intentions.

I am okay. Its just the way my face is.

3 thoughts on “How my ‘rest face’ gets in the way of my future

    1. Indeed! But sometimes I have to force myself just to look approachable which is really frustrating… just wish there was more awareness and consideration on this because it truly takes a toll on me to have people judging by my expression all the time.


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