Fyre Festival documentary | View review

Yesterday, as I was ready to enjoy a break between work, I decided to watch the new documentary about Fyre Festival.

Watching documentaries is one of my favourite things, especially when they document something that I was not aware of.

I had never heard of the Fyre Festival before but it almost feels impossible that I didn’t since it was such a big fiasco.

Fyre Festival was a huge project that came to light in the worst way. The idea was to promote this new app called ‘Fyre’ – where you can book your favourite artists for every venue. They wanted to throw the most ambitious festival to date by renting 1/3 of one of the Bahamas and have the biggest names in the industry.

Coachella might appeal to the usual crowd but this festival demands more investment as it is a ‘luxury experience’. Houses by the beach, exclusive stays free of charge for all artists, food worth of your thousands of dollars invested.

I won’t explain all of the details but the restrain in time and lack of resources definitely brought this festival from a ‘luxury’ get away to a complete fiasco with people stranded in an island with no food or water.

Houses by the beach were now…tents.

An overall mess, later discovered to be a scheme to take people’s money, including staff that never got paid.

All resting in the arms of one man, Billy. Now in prison for the next 6 years.

I was primarily interested because when I watched the trailer it seemed to be a very interesting PR crisis case study. As I am a soon to be PR professional, this documentary was amazing in that perspective.

Really recommend watching this documentary because although, it might not be a highly relevant matter but it really entertained me for that 1h30m.

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