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A trending series full of creepiness and reality.

I have recently finished watching the first season available and I can’t deny that it took me a while. It is a heavy series where I would watch until the middle of an episode and demand a break.

Joe is a ‘regular’ guy that works in a book shop where one day a blond goddess comes in and he seems to have an interest. This unravels a part of Joe that no one was expecting. Constant stalking and even the killing ‘for her’. He believes to be the ‘good guy’, dedicated to the love of his life, when in reality he stalks, kills and covers up.


I believe that it is a heavy series because it hits close to home. We all see ourselves as Beck. We post our memories and lives on the internet waiting to be claimed or to inspire others when in reality people can just see it and take it too far.

However, a lot of fans have even wished that they would be stalked by someone like Joe. Millie Bobby Brown even got controversy for saying that everything he did was for her and that’s cute. I think his psychopathic tendencies and actions shouldn’t be celebrated but rather seen as an example of what to be careful of. Joe, Penn Badgley, says his character shouldn’t be taken seriously as his actions shouldn’t be replicated.

In terms of story construction, I would say that up until the end the story was rather flat with some highs. The end, however, is something everyone thought to happen but didn’t believe it until we witnessed it. Very interesting concept overall though.

An addictive story of pure obsession.

2 thoughts on “‘You’ | View critique

  1. Your point about seeing ourselves as Beck is spot on! I don’t feel like I post a crazy amount online, but I’m constantly on Twitter and IG and recently started posting again on my blog, as you know. But I’ve also read some of the things people are saying about Joe. I think (and hope) they’re not being serious when they give him any kind of praise at all. Like you said, he’s a killer. It doesn’t matter what his reasoning is. He kills!

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    1. Honestly I think the fans are too young to understand what that means. As for Millie, truly don’t know what she was trying to achieve. Anyways, we should take him as a bad example. Killing is never justified, even if for a blond goddess 😂

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