My 2018 playlist

A couple of days ago I posted about how I balance work and fun. I also talked about my work playlist that helps me immensely when writing and staying motivated.

If you are like me and enjoy having a work playlist next to you this is for you. However, if you prefer a dead silent workspace you can consider this your ‘motivational playlist’ or even just a way to explore new songs.

I won’t specify all songs because usually I listen to full albums but within each album you can find my favourite song, listen to it and if you like it, chances are you like the rest of them.


Song: Fix you

  • A classic and must know. Only listen to it when I’m studying or I would get too much of the band and wouldn’t be able to listen for another year (as it happened with Abba).
  • MIKA

  • Song: Blue eyes
  • You remember him? He used to be my childhood favourite but he conquered me again with his french songs and it’s definitely a study must.
  • Queen

  • Song: Another bites the duster
  • This song is a spirit lifter. The band that never got out of style, truly passionate about all they do.
  • Panic at the disco!

  • Song: Impossible year
  • This one took me some time to get used to but I got there and I absolutely love it now.
  • Twenty one pilots

  • Song: Chlorine (but truly just everything)
  • My friend and I were on a roadtrip sharing earphones (how hollywood) and she wanted to show me TØP. My air drumming started and so did my dedication to this band.
  • David Bowie

  • Song: Pressure
  • What is better than Freddie and David? Right until the end David Bowie’s songs really stayed with me. Even with that strange vibe, I saw uniqueness and freshness in him. Truly an inspiration.
  • Alt+j

  • Song: Breezeblocks
  • Can you tell I love Indie music? An amazing videoclip and storyline. A recent obsession with a lot of room to grow.
  • Tame Impala

  • Song: Feels like we only go backwards
  • A weird sense of happiness comes across me with their songs. Truly enjoy it.
  • Birdy

  • Song: 1901
  • A sense of relaxation comes through. Really good if you have been working all day and want to relax a little.
  • Harry Styles

  • Song: Kiwi
  • The song that gave my hamster a name. Don’t take me for a Directioner but Harry Styles is an amazing artist.
  • Generic pop songs on repeat

  • Song: How far I’ll go (Alessia Cara)
  • Just that array of songs that come automatically on YouTube once you put a Pop song on. Now my favourite but really good for motivation.
  • These are just a few. You looking for a specific style? Comment down bellow!

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