I turned into Marie Kondo

I believe that everyone is experiencing a major personality and lifestyle change after the new Netflix show ‘Tyding up with Marie Kondo’ was released, like me.

I am a very organised and tidy person but I also have a lot of things. Which makes my life harder to organise and keep organised, one of the reasons why I became so excited about Marie Kondo’s system.

There’s truly something special in folding clothes into tiny rectangles and neatly putting them in their space. And when you step back there’s a sigh of relief because you know that once you open those wardrobe doors you won’t see chaos anymore.

Last year, YouTube videos and documentaries lead me to truly believe in the happiness within living a minimalistic life. Since then, I have put every single item of clothing I owned on top of my bed and reach a decision. I realised I didn’t need most of it and sent two full boxes of clothing to Portugal. Once I was there for the summer, I sorted everything and donated most of it.

It made me genuinely happy to give what I didn’t need anymore and now since I know what I actually wear and what I don’t, I make wiser decisions when purchasing.

Marie Kondo and minimalism go hand in hand, although they don’t have to. Marie is all about tidying, minimalism is about quantity and only having essentials. However, as minimalists, Josh and Ryan said, even if you are a minimalist you can have a thousand books if you see they are essential and make you happy you may keep them. Going with the “keep what sparks joy for you” theory that Marie follows.

Personally, my only problem continues to be shoes but in reality, I wear all of them even if I have 21 pairs. All taken care for, new and shiny (kind of). Most from 3/4 years ago.

I find joy in all of them so, I should keep them.

I encourage everyone to hold every single one of their items and ask “does it spark joy for me?”. It makes such an impact on your routine to know that you live organised and you’ll see that your brain starts folding itself in a tiny rectangle full of joy.

Now I can truly say that feel a spark of joy in what really matters.

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