Education from within

Since coming to the UK I have seen multiple cultural diferences but the one that most gives a contrast from Portugal is the mentality and education.

After three years of living in the UK, I have learnt that it is common sense here that after you are 18 you have to start paying rent as you are now considered independent from your parents – excepting if you are still studying.

I thought that to be something that would only happen with a few people as I have never heard of it before, however, after I asked all of my UK friends about this I realised it is, in fact, a UK thing.

My international friends stayed on my side saying that it was weird and that our parents would never ask for any form of payment for continuing living in their house.

I don’t want to judge anyone’s culture and to be fair I understand that this step may be necessary so that you can let your child work and eventually fly from the nest. This being said, I also agree that parents should be responsible for their ‘children’ whilst they live under their roof.

I’m Portuguese and my parents were shocked when I told them this. They would never ask me for rent or money for food, even if I would stay in their house until I was 40 years old – as some do.

It’s fascinating to get to know and witness these cultural differences. Hope to discover more. And if I do, I’ll tell you all about it 🙂

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