Mamma Mia 2 | View Critique

I have started this series as I am a cinematic enthusiast and wanted to share my opinion out loud. My favourite activity is to go to the cinema and enjoy a nice movie with the smell of popcorn dancing around the room. Although my misophonia sometimes makes itself notice and the chewing noises around me perturb be I still think that the cinema will never be lost money – it’s an experience.

I recently went to watch the much expected ‘Mamma Mia 2’. I liked it so much that I went two times and I’m still missing all that happiness and dancing before my eyes.

Abba has been a childhood favourite, I had my time with ‘Disney’ music but Abba, Boney M, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Queen, Scorpions, The Cranberries were my musical life. I really do owe my dad all this knowledge in ‘vintage’ music, our family car rides with one CD after the other with some carpool karaoke in the mixture whilst driving to hear the sea waves and the crowded beaches around my area.

You bet I sang my ass off.

Wouldn’t have it any other way! I might get annoyed with the chewing and they probably got annoyed with my singing, but that’s just the way it is. It is a cry-worthy movie by the end but my tears went to the part where the song ‘Knowing me, knowing you’ was sung. My favourite. How could they so cruel to me…what a blessing.


The only thing that I think should have been different was the actor playing young Harry (Hugh Skinner). I have a love/hate relationship with Hugh. You can tell he is a ‘Broadway’ singer/interpreter which I find to be an interesting choice for this movie as all the other characters are ‘Hollywood’. But what is Hollywood? Hollywood is what you make it and I should discriminate, however, I think his interpretation of Harry was of a really (really) awkward guy that doesn’t know how to get a girl or why would he even want one. It simply confused me and got me cringing at times.

Definitely, a feel-good movie to had to the list.

You might think that I’m a musical addict and I must be this enthusiastic about every musical. Reality is that I have little to no knowledge in musicals as I’m not that big of a fan but they are slowly growing on me.

P.S. I listened to the whole soundtrack to keep me inspired to write this post. Truly helpful.

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