Hard to talk

Most of us started talking when we were just three years old and from then we learned how to talk our own language and others. Something that we think to be so easy but sometimes gets so hard.

Talking with your friends in third grade is now just one more memory that you cherish, but then you start thinking about how easy it used to be to make friends and socialize. So, you grab your phone and talk with your online friends and let the memory fly by.

This was me. I started thinking of how easy kids make it look like and actually realized that it is not that easy because we just don’t make it that way.

Why would I talk to him? Is he going to think I’m a weirdo? What if we just don’t get along? What should I even say?

We overthink. We complicate.

Let’s simplify.

I often feel alone and start thinking about why that is when I am surrounded by 7.6 billion people spread all over the world. Ridiculous.


We bring our loneliness on ourselves because of societal rules or misbehaves. Thinking we are going to be rejected or avoided. Insecurities – they also play a role.

I wish I could be a child again and talk with all my innocence to everyone, approach people, make friends, truly know people with all its randomness.

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