My hidden passion

After seeing ‘La la land’ I realised that I should just embrace how passionate I am about singing.

I was never confident about it, although there were times in high school that I tried to make some use of it. But that doesn’t count as a fair trial. As I said, I was really insecure about my voice and I’ve always thought everyone could sing and this was nothing. And I still have that feeling occasionally.

However, singing makes me feel good. I want to learn more and have control and balance of my voice even if it sounds bad, I just want to have that feeling, that ‘rat-rat-rat in my heart’. I may seem crazy and come from nowhere but the lesson with this post is to not be afraid.


I have always thought I had a karaoke voice, something that was just enough to entertain and find funny for 5 minutes but who knows, maybe it’s something else and I should give it one more chance.

God, I even was in a ‘band’ back in the day, I had a lot of fun but I wasn’t cut out for pop rock believe me. I don’t listen to Green Day nor Nirvana anymore because of the number of times I sang that same album. Maybe it’s a new hobby ready to come to light and make me happy outside of my professional life, or maybe its nothing and I should just stick to sing in the shower.

Rollerskating is another passion of mine, but with singing, I’m not afraid to fall and break more bones.

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