I choose you because you have them blue

Last year, whilst looking for work, there were some things that bothered me and now I want to make them know.


Obviously, you have to look presentable and professional-looking but what if you, a presentable young lady in her twenties with brown hair and dark brown eyes was applying for a job, but they were actually looking for someone with green eyes?

I submitted online my “faceless” CV to a retail store and based on my capacities, I was called for an interview. As I was leaving the store with my heart in my hands but confident I was getting the job, I noticed that everyone in that store had blue eyes, blond hair and was fairly fit. EVERYONE.

I was never called in for the job. I’m a brunette with brown eyes and not-so-fit. Not really their type you might say.

giphy (1).gif

Also, while I was in my home country, I noticed that this was happening as well. Because I was aware of this issue, I started to look more into store’s staff. It was painful. Only brunettes in one place and only people with grey eyes in another, always depending on the store and their aesthetic.

One thing is not giving the opportunity because you don’t have enough experience, even though I think they should grant that trust and help people grow but another thing is to go by a standard human.

I totally despise that thought. That should never have been a reality. I thought that our mentality, when talking about descrimination, was evolving to a much equal and fair world but I see a lot of improvement that needs to be done.

Have you ever witnessed/thought about it? Tell me your opinion.

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