Windy Brighton adventure

Since I came to England to study that I’ve been thinking of visiting Brighton. My parents came to visit me so I took this opportunity to visit and it was gorgeous.

I had seen it in multiple vlogs and now I needed to see it with my own eyes also, the thought that I might meet two of my biggest inspirations (Felix Kjellberg and Marzia Bisognin) was really making me excited to go on this trip. So we bought the train tickets and…

                …didn’t check the forecast. Big mistake.


I was smiling all morning with the idea that I was going to see all those big lights, the pier, maybe drink some hot cocoa and probably even see a unicorn since I thought that Brighton was a magical place.

As we were arriving, my positive mindset didn’t wear off even after seeing the little drops of water making competitions on the train’s window but once we stepped foot outside we knew we would have a rough day.

It was pouring. I started shivering and my Portuguese parents that are used to be in the sun started complaining about the weather. We went outside the station and there we were, 3 tourists and 1 town, one hell of the wind and a non-stopping rain. I had truly never experienced such a revolving wind. I started shouting “Let’s go!” in search of motivation, at the end of the day I was at Brighton.

I started going down to the beach even though I knew that there would be an even stronger wind, I had to see that beautiful pier!

As the wind became stronger we put our heads down to protect ourselves from the storm but it became so unbearable that we got pushed to the side. So, we decided to find shelter just to wait for it to calm down a little.

It was then that we encountered what looked like a monument and turned out to be a gallery and it was beautiful. We didn’t get to see the gallery inside because it was out of our budget and we were saving ourselves for some hot cocoa later but we got to see the gardens and it was truly a work of art.


My feet were soaked. We were hungry. We felt the need to survive. “What’s the nearest mall?” I asked a lady at the hotel reception, “Right behind you on the left”. We walked there and stopped to fill our stomachs, and to protect us from the rain we decided to search for something waterproof and we did not care if it was fashionable, we were desperate. So then I saw some ponchos, as ridiculous as they were, we needed them to prevail through the water and not get homesick.

Three gremlins were born, two purple ones and one pink.

We kept moving towards the shore. There they were. The pier lights flashing through the clouds and the showering rain in the distance.

There they were. The pier lights flashing through the clouds and the showering rain in the distance. A dream come true.



We got some doughnuts to keep us warm and got in the arcade. As we got in, we heard coins dropping and we noticed it was from the game right in front of us so we started playing with the money that dropped. We didn’t earn anything but we didn’t spend anything either!  

After some photos with Frankenstein and going around the machines to see if anything had dropped, we went on a stroll to find hot cocoa. Best.Cocoa.Ever. Due to the circumstances primarily.

Would love to go to Brighton again someday, the rain didn’t do it justice. 


Just to think that I put on a t-shirt today.

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