Other ways to say the same

After writing my “If you want experience then you need experience” post, I got a job. It was official, only on weekends but at least it was something.

Not to get into details I’m just going to say it was a shoe shop near my house. I’ll be as open with the story as I feel it be appropriate.

I usually get along with everyone but this time it didn’t go that way. The job was great, I think I got everything pretty quickly and the team was amazing. I’ve met great people there. I’m glad I was there just for that and the retail experience alone.

Then, the person that made me and the other workers happy to go to work, our motivator, decided to take on another job opportunity and we were left with awkward conversations and most of the time, complete silence. I hate silence. It’s not something you want when working a full day.

The environment became quite tense. You could feel the pressure as soon as you got inside the store.Now we had our manager to guide us and turns out she doesn’t like me or at least that’s what she reflects.

She has a communication problem. I’m all for communication. Something had to go wrong.


Whenever I wanted to talk to her to take the pressure off she would answer with yes or no, no continuation. I would be stuck! If I did something out of place her answer would also be very demotivating. Examples

◊ When there was nothing to do I decided to put my hands behind my back and greet the customers like he (the motivator) would do, but she didn’t approve “Don’t just stand and do nothing! Put the shoes in order!”. I did, she is the boss. She could have said “Can you organize the shoes? Thank you.” it’s just a question of respect.

◊ I was putting on the alarms and I stung myself (this happens 3 times a week at least), to take the pressure off I said “Well, this was unnecessary”, she just stood there looking at the till with a death stare and nodding her head and shoulders as if saying “yeah it was you moron”.

◊ This time I was again, with nothing to do and was on my way to put the shoes in order when I noticed that my colleagues were tidying up a rack of shoes that had fallen down and I decided to help. Oh no. As I was bent down helping she just said “It doesn’t take 3 to do that!”, I thought I had misunderstood her rudeness so I said “sorry?” so that she could repeat again. As I look at her to witness what was about to come out of her mouth I noticed the death stare that she was, once again, giving me. Conclusion: I almost had a break down in the stockroom from how angry and frustrated I was.

◊ Why was I in the stockroom? Because she gave me a list of 4 items to collect (when we only collect when we need at least 15 items) she really wanted me out of her face.

All this in one week.

The company would only give me a two-week holiday and I was even okay with it because I liked working there. Now… I obviously was going to Portugal because all the stress wasn’t worth it. I was getting pimples.

I quit.

Her response? Let’s roleplay.

Me: Karen* when you are available, I need to talk to you.

Her: Ok, I’m going downstairs.

*walks* *walks back*

Her: What is it about?

Me: Uhmm I’m going to leave.

Her: Okay when?

Me: 30th is my last day.

Her: *checks calendar* Okay that’s fine.

*walks away like nothing happened*

I was happy that she was okay with it but her lack of care made me feel useless. That’s not how you handle a leave.

I know that she has to manage the store and her employees but there are many ways to put it…be nicer whilst being effective. We won’t lose respect. From one week to the other we witnessed such a change. From a fun work environment to a total pressure followed by rudeness.

There are other ways to say the same. Thank you.

*Made up name

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