Bubbles, the portal to childhood

Childhood was the golden days for me. I still feel very attached to it, so attached that I don’t want to realize that it belongs in the past. Not meaning that I’m childish but my memory still goes back for a wild number of eventualities. Whenever I want to revive a happy thought is when my childhood comes in handy.

I never liked the idea of growing up to be a routine-consumed individual, predictable or even a normal adult. So, I still want my life to have child-like fun occasionally.



After work, I usually go shopping just on a stroll and not with the intention to actually buy something. On one of the strolls, my friend decided to buy a bubble maker and it was the best pound he ever spent. As we were passing through the park we decided to have some fun with his new purchase. What was once a stressful day at work soon became a fun day with friends. A spontaneous fun day.


Being spontaneous. Another characteristic of being a child that I’ve been incorporating into my life more and more and it has been doing wonders. You might think that it can bring bad decisions to light but it surprisingly, just makes life much more exciting and new. Be impulsive. The best moments I’ve had in life are the spontaneous ones and I would never trade them for an “what if”.


Hope you enjoyed this short but full of joy blog post. Stay random. Be unpredictable. Be spontaneous, like a child.

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