“One size” – A whole choice of lies

I’ve been working in a store where 80% of the stock says on the label “one size”.  Where I say to the customers every day that it goes from size 8-12 and they tell me every day that that doesn’t mean it fits all sizes then.

The first time I saw this was in “Tiffosi”, the clothing brand, where there were big banners inside and outside of the store presenting their new collection of “One size fits all” jeans.

“Ridiculous.” I thought.


I went to try them either way, as they were quite stretchy and I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. Lies. I’m a 42 (16 in UK sizes) and that wouldn’t fit most certainly even someone that wears a 38 (UK 10). Incredible how after all these battles with the different sizes and about equality and now we go back on that progress in benefit to small sizes again.

It disappoints everyone.

I see people coming from the fitting rooms with that unforgettable sad face “They had pretty stuff but not in my number”. I think this “one size” thing was made to make the retailers world an easier place since it “fits all”. It’s easier to go for 7 dresses “one size” than one dress 34 (6), two 38’s (10), four 40’s (12). Less trouble.

It’s a trend that I’m not interested in and by what I’ve seen, I’m definitely not the only one.

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