If you want experience then you need experience

I’ve been looking for a summer job in search of experience. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve surprisingly been enjoying the process.

I went to the university’s library and opened a fresh word document to later realise that what I really needed was my dear Adobe InDesign when creating a stylish and informative CV. Following some guidelines, given by the university when creating a CV and with a hint of research, there it was my unique CV. I even created my own logo on Adobe Illustrator to show some of my skills and to make it truly represent myself.

I was proud. I printed about 30 of them and the next day I went door to door handing them. I got 3 calls and 1 email.

Not going to lie, interviews are nerve wrecking beforehand, but once you get in the store and start talking to the manager I find it quite fun. I have to say that England has turned me from a perfect introvert to a promising extrovert and I love that. After a few questions, some standard and others challenging, there I was, going home again to wait for THE call.


“You weren’t chosen but would you like some feedback?” “Not experienced enough” “Not enough experience” “There was a guy with more experience and he took your job”. So many ways of saying the same. I guess I just have to meet someone who is interested in investing time in me so I can learn, get experience.


This is not a post to throw shade in fact quite the opposite, I want to make a statement. Give us a chance to learn.

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