5 reasons why you should volunteer

Why help? Maybe just for the sake of helping or for something much greater.


Volunteering is great, it makes you feel good and it’s an experience that you will carry out for the rest of your life. So why not help? Let’s jump right into the benefits.

5 reasons why you should volunteer.

  1. Sense of self-satisfaction
  • Helping people makes you feel good, a pure sense of satisfaction that will create a 24/7 smile on your face. Seeing others being appreciative of your time and how you can make their day is truly what makes you wake up every morning with joy.
  1. Social skills
  • Your social skills will get stronger and stronger with time and with volunteering it will have a massive boost! You will definitely know more people and make some life-long friends. Get out there. Talk. Connect.
  1. Great hobby
  • This is a hobby that will never get old. Spend time helping others instead of wondering what do to during your summer holidays, trade “The Sims” with real people.
  1. Unique stories to share
  • You’ll be left with amazing stories that you’ll want to share for being such a unique and rewarding experience. It will also make you more aware of the reality lived by others and understand them better.
  1. CV enhancement
  • These experiences are a true CV enhancement and it’s what distinguishes you from the rest of the candidates. You can also develop skills that will be valued by the employer. Don’t underestimate this experience!

Do I need to say more? Search and apply, you won’t regret it!

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