Family just because

Have you ever thought what makes family, family? What makes it different from… the others?

I see family as people that were designated to each other. All we share are some traits and the thought that we must be together, the rest is co-habiting.


I grew very much attached to my family but after 19 years a lot as changed and my impression of them is one of those changes. As time passes the traits start adapting and sometimes those transformations are not compatible with your own personality. I believe that’s what happened to me.

Since the golden ages of my family, it grew to nurse more kids, people died, relationships were cut and with that my care and appreciation level as altered. I do feel like a little bird that has left the nest and when it came back…everything was wrecked by change all that was left were some feathers. I feel disconnected.

One day, I’ll get the concept of family from the other perspective and maybe the change will be a good one but until then I’ll do my co-habiting part.

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