Feeling on the downside

All of us have our ups and downs and I’ve been on the downside but slowly going back up. I believe that the only way to come back from our own dark hole is to talk openly, think about it and admit that you have a problem, that you are not okay.


My downfall happened primarily because I didn’t want to talk about my problems to anyone, I thought I could control them myself and I did but the feeling of loneliness was always by my side. I hate being alone. I like to have that lazy weekend in my bedroom listening to music without having to socialize with anyone but not as some form of routine that would be sad instead of being relaxing. I am a people-person, I need to talk even if just to chit chat…and since I came to England, because I don’t have my parents or my friends, loneliness has come really hard on me. I still talk to them from time to time but I need to see them and not just send a picture or a message and I do have my classmates but I have classes 3 times a week and we don’t meet up after classes. I just need this to change, I’ve identified the problem I just need to fix it.

“If we are so many / Why are we alone?” – David Fonseca “Senso”

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