Upgrade yourself

I was the girl that didn’t want to move to the school next door, I was the girl that was afraid to leave home or even, go on a school trip that was just 100 km away. Embarrassing, I know! I was never a change lover and my past reveals that. Every time something changed, it would feel as if I was turned upside down, completely lost.

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We have to upgrade ourselves and that’s what I’ve been working on intensively for the last 2 years. I went to England to go through change, I experienced fear but I also felt proud. I could say that change is something that I don’t fear anymore but actually, look forward to. I’m not talking about constant change but those that are significant and full of benefits.

In my little list of changes, I have my little accomplishments and accomplishments to be, these carry fear but also carry joy and I will follow them until I feel like there is nothing else to add to that little list. When that day comes, it will also be the day that I recognize my complete fulfillment. It’s going to be a long run, but it will be all worth it in the end.

And if change betrays me, I will simply change back.

© Random Chipmunk

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