Valentine’s on my own

Don’t feel bad for me just because you read the title. I’m perfectly happy with how my life is right now, but I do know something (someone) is missing to make it actually perfect.

giphy (1)

As a person that has always been scared to speak emotionally, I find it quite difficult to address this deficiency in my life, either because of the fear of rejection, friendship changes (can become really awkward, I imagine) or just because of the cold feet I get when communicating my feelings, emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I love speaking and participating, even because I’m on the PR course and that’s the number 1 thing you got to do. I do love communication it’s my technique to get along with humans, by talking. It’s just the getting the message across that you like someone that is difficult, I guess.

Until I was 16, I couldn’t care less about this subject but then I felt the need to have someone there that you can count on and be side by side. Believe me when I say that this is the only cheesy blog post you’ll ever read from this Chipmunk, but I just wanted my thoughts to be available to everyone.

©Random Chipmunk

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